Three Keys To Emotional & Sales Mastery – Part 4 – Language

This is a continuation of Three Keys To Emotional & Sales Mastery – Part 3

Where we discussed the 3 keys to managing your emotional state and turning yourself on, as a quick reminder they are:

Physiology – Your physical body, and how it feels at this moment.

Mental Focus – What you are paying attention at any time effects how you feel.

The Language You Use With Yourself And Your Clients – How do you frame things with your language?

Words have the power to influence and motivate.  They also have the power to break rapport with someone and to offend them.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.  And it’s what words you choose to use is a major key to success in sales and a major key to mastering your emotions.

Here is how you can shift your sales vocabulary right now and enjoy a higher level of success with your clients:

Rejection Words (Any Term That Trigger Fear.) Go Ahead Terms(Terms that make buying EASY)
Appointment Meeting, Visit
Cost or Price Total investment, Total Amount
Cost or Price Value, valued at, Available for, available at, Offered for, offered at, Worth
Down Payment Initial Investment, or Initial Amount
Monthly Payment Monthly Investment, Monthly Amount
Contract The agreement, The paperwork, the form
Sign Fill Out the paperwork. Okay the paperwork, approve the form, authorize the agreement, endorse the file copies. Give the go ahead.
Buy Own
Sell, Sold Happily Involve, Acquired, Help Obtain, Counsel, or consult, Worked with me on the arrangements, Aide or assist the buyer by eliminating difficulties
Sell, Sold Providing expertise, or supplying vital information, Had the honor(privilege, pleasure, challenge) of acting as agent, representative, or intermediary. Developed the opportunity, Worked out the details.
Customer Clients, People we serve, families we serve
Prospect Potential clients, future clients
Commission Fee for Service
Problem Challenge, Opportunity
Objections Concerns, Areas of Concern, Questions
Cheaper More economical
Pitches and Deals Hear the presentations I’ve developed for your company. Participate in the demonstration. Get involved in the wonderful opportunity we have for you. Consider this interesting transaction.

A big thanks to Tom Hopkins for pointing out many of these go ahead terms in his book How To Master The Art of Selling.

Now  first person to do this in recorded history was the Solon a leader of Athens in ancient Greece.  He found that it was difficult to get the citizens to pay their “taxes”  so instead started calling them “contributions”.  You can find this in Parallel Lives by Plutarch.

It’s funny that our political consultants in modern times are relearning the old rule of it’s not what you say it’s how you say it.  During the George W. Bush administration the Bush Administration wanted to push forward  more”Tax Cuts” but found through the work of political consultant Frank Luntz if they called “Tax Cuts”  “Tax Relief” it was more persuasive in focus groups.

Regardless of your political beliefs, words matter a great deal when it comes to influence.

Most Persuasive Words:

  • Easily & Easy
  • Naturally & Natural
  • Unlimited
  • Aware
  • Realize
  • Experience
  • Expand 
  • Beyond 
  • Before
  • After
  • Now
  • Because
  • Stop
  • Start
  • Again
“When you realize how easy it is to use these words in your presentations you will unlock your unlimited potential as a sales person.  Are you aware of how easy it is to sell when you use these words?  When you start using these words you stop loosing sales and go beyond what you ever thought possible!
Now these words are powerful so use them wisely.  And before you move on to another blog post remember to implement these words because once you do your income will increase.
Again, it’s important that you experience these words yourself by using them in your every day language.  Before you realize it you will be unconsciously competent at using this words naturally.   Are you aware of how powerful words truly are?”
Those last few paragraphs was me having fun with these persuasive words, I highly encourage you to try them out.
In addition to effecting your clients emotional states.  The language you use on yourself and what you say to yourself has a huge impact on your own emotional state!
Imagine if you were saying to yourself:
” I have a challenge”
Really think about what you are saying to yourself because you are the one you must influence first.
If you plan on influencing anyone else, you must first influence yourself. 
Your self talk is either helping you or hurting you.  Take some time to monitor what you are actually saying to yourself.
Some people say things to themselves they wouldn’t say to their worst enemy.  Be kind to yourself and build yourself up with the language you use on yourself.
I like these suggestions from Brian Tracy on great self talk to use on yourself:
1. “I like myself!”
2. “I’m the best!”
3. “I love my work!”
4. “I can do it!”
5. “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”
Whatever you memorize you internalize.  When you say a phrase over and over and over again, eventually it will show up in your internal dialog.
A phrase I’ve drilled into my head is:
“Success is EASY”
“It’s EASY to be Successful”
Now you can be successful too if you use words that persuade people to buy instead of words that persuade people to not buy.  And you can skyrocket your success if you use words on yourself that build you up instead of tearing you down.
I’m curious, what are some words I’ve missed,  what are words that you use in the sales context that are highly effective?  Please add them to the comments and thanks for reading!
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