Knowledge in Sales is Not Power

“What  sets me a part from everyone else is my level of application. ” – Tony Robbins

I’ll say that again, Knowledge is NOT power.

The truth is it’s the application of knowledge is true power!

How many of you know someone who has read all the sales books, has gone to a great school and knows exactly what they should do but they still just don’t do it?

The key to success in sales and in life is to immediately apply what you’ve learned.

Sometimes people say: “What books should I read to get really good at sales?”

I suggest reading one book and then make it a mission to apply 1 chapter per week.

(Okay okay here are a few to start)

The truth is we are drowning in information but we are starving for wisdom.

And true wisdom is taking the information and the knowledge and actually applying it.

That is my personal challenge for you this week, to read 1 book and apply one principle.


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