Are you working harder on yourself or on your job?

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” – Jim Rohn

Are you working harder on yourself or on your job?

Excellent question!

Most people will tell you that they are working 40 hours a week at their job.

Maybe if they are working harder, they are putting in 60 hours per week on their job.

But how many hours are they putting into their own personal development and education?

How many hours are they spending in the gym?

How many hours are they spending meditating?

How many hours are they spending taking a class that will improve their skills?

How many hours are they spending reading material in their field?

In the business world and in life hard work is considered a top value.

The idea being, when you work hard you are rewarded.

But choosing to work on the right things, is just as important as simply putting in the hard work.

If you work day and night on unimportant tasks, you will not get very far, no matter how hard you work.

Have you seen someone working for hours organizing their desk?

Or have you seen someone spending hours and hours on a low value task or unimportant email?

Ask yourself this question: what is the most important work you can possibly do?

The most important work you can possibly do is on yourself.

The more you do what you do the more you get what you’ve got.

The only way you will get change in your life is to make different decisions.

So if you are working harder on your job right now than you are on yourself, make a different decision!

Decide right now to make you the priority over your job!

The amazing thing about today is how many options and opportunities we have!

But that’s the curse of today as well.

Because with all these options and all these choices you can easily get side tracked on things that will never change your life for the better.

With too many options people take the route of least resistance. And in many cases the path of least resistance is watching a screen or sitting on the coach and going for entertainment instead of education.

Do you want to double your income?


You’re going to have to make a change and a different decision on what you focus on and what you pay attention to!

The more you learn the more you earn!

So work hard on the right thing!

And the right thing  is learning how to be the best version of you!

Whatever that means to you.

That’s right!

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job! 

Are you?

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