Make the Complex Effortless and Easy


Conversely, complexity is the enemy of execution.

And believe me if you are in sales it’s important to grasp this fact.

Are you are aware the more complex you make your sale the less likely it is that someone will move forward?

And are you aware the more simple, easy, and enjoyable you make buying the more clients you will have?

It’s a basic tenant of sales:  If you are able to make the sales process fun & easy for your clients you will have more clients! 

The ability to make what may be a 20 step internal process and convert it into something that is as easy as one, two, three is a virtue and a skills.

Making buying simple is also a way to add tremendous value.

In addition to the value your product or service has already, you have a massive impact on the perceived value of your product by the way you conduct the selling process.

If you make the selling process complex and difficult to understand and you can’t explain it in a simple fashion the value of your product will go down in the clients mind.

Remember this:  You are not just competing against other products and services you are competing against the other sales people at your competitor companies.

If your competitor can make buying easy and you can’t, guess what… You Lose!

The lesson is to find ways to add massive value for your clients. When you add massive value you see massive success and you will feel great about yourself!

Not only that you will hear your phone ringing because of all the referrals you will receive.

And what better way to add massive value then by making the complex simple and easy?

Now how specifically can you do this?

It’s going to require some extra work and determination on your part and it’s not for the weak willed or average sales person.

The top performer looks at every process and sees a way to improve it, either by eliminating unneeded steps or shifting them all together.

Not only that, when a top performer sees a way a process can be improved they use the power of persuasion and influence to help those around them in other departments to see how improving the process makes perfect sense.

And when the top performer persuades and influences their friends in other departments of the company, the do so in an eloquent way so they feel empowered in improving the internal process.

The top performer feels empowered by seeing process improvements.  And they certainly don’t feel overwhelmed by them.  They see an internal process improvement as an opportunity for personal growth and development and as a challenge to rise above and to take their career to the next level.

And what does the top performer do for the client?

If there is something going on internally that needs to be addressed, the top performer takes it upon his or herself to find an easy solution for the client and they take care of this behind the scenes in addition to “selling” the product.

The most exciting deals are almost never simple, they are typically complex.

How complex is it when the client redlines 10 sections of your agreement and wants to have a new feature developed that is not on the road map?

Maybe internally this is a lot of work on your part and requires the work of 5 different departments and different stakeholders.

That’s okay, step up to the challenge, this is how careers are made!  Be one of the few who do, be one of those people who steps up to the challenge and embraces it.  This is what separates the average sales person from the top performing champion!

Think of yourself as the Wizard of Oz, you can do all these different things behind the curtain to make the complex seem simple and easy. And it will be simple and easy because you are handling things behind the scenes.

A pleasurable buying experience is what matters. When you make buying easy you make the experience enjoyable!  



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