Your Sales Identity

If you are saying yourself “I am a top performer” When you meet your client you are already the majority of the way there to making the sale.


Having the Identity of a top performer will effect your beliefs, values, capabilities, behaviors, and environment.


If you change a behavior by and showing up early for work, this does not always mean you are or will become a top performer.




If you change your environment by changing jobs to an environment that supports top performing sales people this does not always mean that you are or will become a top performer.


Don’t misunderstand.  These are all a part of being a top performer but they are not the entirety of being a top performer, they are simply behaviors.


Let me explain.


Being a top performer is not just a set of beliefs it’s an identity.

And Identity is the most powerful force in your unconscious, because that’s who you are at your core.


What does it mean to have an identity of a top performer?


To ask another question, would would it mean to you if you had the identity of a top performer?


Would you be concerned about hitting goal?


Would you be concerned about the amount of leads you received?


Do you think a top performer has these concerns?


When you can take control of your Identity it will over flow and effect all of the areas at a lower level of the hierarchical system of the logical level system (Purpose, Identity, Beliefs & Values, Capabilities,Behaviors and Environment.)


What is a hierarchical system?


A simple example of a hierarchical system is a company.


Imagine if your company switched CEOs and was able to bring on Steve Jobs as the CEO.  How would that change you company?


In many ways the Identity of the CEO effects the entire company.  This is the same way your Identity effects all of your beliefs, values, capabilities, behaviors and environment. 


The top of the hierarchical system effects everything down the chain.


When most people look to make a change, they look at the environment, behaviors or capabilities.


For example if you wanted to quit smoking and you changed your behavior you still believed at your core that you are a smoker and that is part of your identity.  9 times out of 10 you will be smoking cigarettes again, unless you change your identity or your beliefs about them.  Does that make sense?


How do you change your identity?  You must believe at your core that you are a top performer.


Most people are not aware consciously of the identity they have selected for themselves.  This is something that is typically under the realm of the unconscious awareness.


You might be thinking:  Dan, seriously?  I am 100% conscious at all times. My question for you would be, how do you understand language?


The majority of the processes we are running are unconscious.  It was not until I took control of my subconscious that I became a top performer.  Think about it. Imagine you have all the strategies and tactics in the world.  What good will that do if you don’t believe it in your gut a top performer is who you are?


One of the biggest things that kills sales is our limiting beliefs about sales.  


There is a lie being perpetuated out there in the world that Sales is not a noble profession, or that it is a lesser profession. If you believe this subconsciously you will never succeed in sales.  You will be fighting against yourself and that’s a battle that you will never win.


We must be in 100% alignment with out goals so that our Identity, Beliefs, Values, Capabilities, Behaviors and Environment are all in line with our goal.


What would life be like if you had the Identity of a top performing sales person?


The goal is to incorporate all the Beliefs, Values, Capabilities, Behaviors into your Identity.  You don’t have to change who are at your core,  you are you.  Becoming a top sale person will not change who you are at your core.


But you might say,  Dan I wanted to read this blog so I can find one tactic that will increase my sales by 100 %.  I can give you all the tactics in the world and if you don’t have the psychology to utilize them it’s worthless to even read about them.


It’s 80% Psychology and 20 % Mechanics


The mechanics are important don’t get me wrong.  At the end of the day you are being influence by your unconscious and the mechanics will only get you so far.


So the real question is:  Who are you?
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