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The late Jim Rohn once said, reasons come first answers come second.  Now my question for you is, why do you want to become a top performer?


What is your reason?


Would you like to make more money?


Would you like to have a higher quality of life?


Would you like to provide more than enough for your family?


Would you like to manage your time better?


Would you like to make more calls and generate more sales?


Would you like to be more successful?


Would you like to be happy and healthy?


My hallucination is you’ve answered YES to these questions.  I know I did when I was writing them. We all want to same things.


The real question is If we all want the same things then why don’t we have them?


An even better question would be:  Why do you want these things in the first place?


Why do you want to make more money?


If it’s just a dollar amount, a number in an online account, is that going to be enough to keep you going when times get tough?


What if it’s the last week of your month or quarter and your sick and tired and you feel like you can’t keep going and you want to give up?


Are you going to push through the difficulty?


Will you give up?


Will you give in?


What is going to pull you through this?

The more reasons you have the easier it is to sell.


The more purpose you have the easier it is to sell.


The more passion you have the easier it is to sell.


The more desire you have the easier it is to sell.


It will all change for you when you clearly define the reasons. It will all change for you when you clearly define the why.


It all changed for me when I clearly defined the reasons.  I had to write them all down and review them every single day.  Every day, Dan?

Yes, every single day, sometimes two or three times per day.


The reason I say this is because successful people do what failures will not do.


Successful people take control of their reasons.


Successful people take control of their psychology.


Successful people take control of their physiology


Successful people take control of who they are.


Success is easy.  It’s easy to be successful.  If you have enough reasons driving then you will become unstoppable.


In my spare time I run ultra marathons. I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you how important taking ahold of your psychology is.


Do you start out running a 50 or 100 miler when you first start running?  No.


You start with a 5 k.  You move up to a 10k.  Then you move onto a half marathon.  And you keep going from there.


And even before that, when you were a baby, were you sprinting immediately when you were born?

Absolutely not.

It’s the same thing in sales.  You grow and progress and you do it methodically,  Step by step.  Day by day.  You get better and better.


I was running a 50k in Mendocino, CA.  It was the first 50k ever in Mendocino CA.  I’d ran a 50 miler in AZ a few weeks prior and was not feeling in any mood to push my luck on this race.


Mendocino is beautiful, you have the California Coast with sea cliffs and the Redwoods.  The backdrop here is stunning.


In the later stages of the race we ran by a hidden waterfall nestled in the redwoods.  Followed by a steep climb that seemed to never end.  I had the great fortune of having someone to run with up the steep climb.


This is one of the surreal experiences of running an ultra is the random conversations you end up having with fellow racers.  I don’t recall the name of the person I was speaking to but I uncovered through the conversation that he’d run over 20 hundred milers and had be running ultras for over 10 years.


He had also just had a knee surgery and this was his very first ultra back after a painful rehabilitation period.  He seemed very stoic about the knee surgery, he was ready to start running hundreds again.  I decided then and there to ask him a question:


In all the years of ultras,  what was the key take away or belief that allowed him to preserver and continue on even when there were challenges and roadblocks?


 The answer was simple:


It’s all mental.


A different friend of mine put it another way:


It’s mind over matter, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.

Now what are your reasons that drive you?

And how can you use them when the going gets tough to drive you?

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